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Welcome to Mythaginary Designs, a freelance design firm that can deliver all sorts of design solutions, from basic logo creation, to fully developed business systems. Need a magazine laid out? Mythaginary Designs can help. Need new business cards? We can do that for you as well!

Much of the work created by Mythaginary Designs begins with hand drawn sketches, digitally and traditionally, and then move to the digital stage, working in many of the well known Adobe programs. Among the programs, the designers are very proficient in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Flash. Dreamweaver and AfterEffects are on the waiting list of programs to be learned.

Currently, Mythaginary Designs is prominently Graphic Design, however, web design, and web development are being brought into the skillsets of the designers. In the future, we plan on being able to offer full web design, creation and development for clients.


Examples of Work

example 1      example 2


example 3      example 4